Hello Everyone: 

I, Wendy Honnor, IAS Freedom Medal Winner, Minister and Field Auditor have now resigned both as a member of the Church of Scientology and as a member of the International Association of Scientologists. 

I agree with all the points raised in the New Year 2012 email of Debbie Cook, former Captain of the Flag Service Org, and it is for these reasons that I have resigned. 

To those of you who are my friends, I shall look forward very much to hearing from you. 

I am continuing my international practice. 

I am also continuing the Worldwide Auditors Guild - which I established in 2005 and which now has 600 members in 53 cities 26 countries.

I am also continuing my successful work helping cancer patients spiritually by using ethics tech and always in close coordination with their medical doctor. I have a hat write up I am very happy to give any auditor who would like it. 

The only way out is out. I am free. 


Wendy Honnor

W: www.wendyhonnor.com

E:  wendyhonnor@hushmail.com


註:本文與相片經由 Wenddy Honnor 本人同意刊出。Wendy 的個人網頁目前正在遷移中,待更新之後自會生效。


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