Scientology – the entire thing, from “Day One” up to and including the “Day You Realise The Entire Thing is a Crock”, is brainwashing. Every single lecture, every single book, every single policy etc, is designed to bring you not to understanding. But to one person’s viewpoint. And if you fail to adhere to that viewpoint you are relentlessly hunted down and stopped. 
All of it, excluding nothing, is available through the study and application of the discoveries of other philosophers (ancient and modern) and quantum physicists. Even the so-called “upper levels” are written in other works preceding Hubbard’s so called discoveries. And these works are more easily, readily and cheaply applied and without the cultish carry on involved with Scientology. It is a bit like making Cheerios into a national icon and a top secret recipe and ensuring that before you can eat Cheerios you must undergo extensive checks as to your trustworthiness and suitability.The worst thing is that you truly believed that Cheerios were of any importance. Yawn!!! Are these people on drugs? Don’t they see they have been had. 
But the average Scientologist has never studied another philosophy much less – applied it to see if it worked, and the average Scientologist has most definitely never really helped anyone. I know that for sure because I have met thousands and thousands of Scientologists and auditors all over the world. And I know this is the big elephant in the living room to those who are a tiny bit awake – if the definition of a Scientologist is one who uses Scientology to improve conditions in his own life and the lives of others – then how come nobody in the group seems to be able to do that? If the purpose of Scientology is to make Auditors and Clears – where are they all? And if the works of L Ron Hubbard are to be kept standard, how come they can bring out GATI and GATII? What is that all about? And if Hubbard says don’t make buildings important (that quote is burned on our memory), and the entire focus of the international membership is buying buildings, then what is going on? Are you all on drugs? 
The trained auditor in Scientology has rarely if ever audited anyone. I know that, you know that, they know that? So what is going on there? 
It is only a handful who are capable or motivated to help their friends and family. And they are fully aware of what is going on, but PTS just like the rest of their friends and family inside the organisation, and unable to make a move for the sake of threats and fear alone. 
The part that Scientology plays in the liberty of mankind is equal to the part played by Coca Cola or the World Bank. Any benefit or quick fix or win it gives is countered by its destructive and controlling nature. 
The great and useful thing that I learned from my 20 years as a member of the Church of Scientology, and something I maybe would not have realised had I not come across the subject, is that it is best to avoid all cults, doctrines and systems of beliefs if you wish to be free from domination and nullification of you as a human being. 
Everything in the subject is to be found outside the subject – and in most cases, better explanations, deeper understanding and definitely better results. You have all been had.
So, in a word. YES it is brainwashing.
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